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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga: A Vast Movement Towards the Divine (TH 065)

This talk throws light on some aspects and details of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. It brings us close to learn the lessons of life and understand the spiritual truth behind that. Sri Aurobindo’s yoga does not mean just to see life in a new way. It is a plunge into the vastness of infinity. Our smallness does not understand the vastness of life and even shrinks form it. It deals life from a very narrow perspective of the ego. Yoga breaks this smallness and expands the consciousness to the wideness of eternity. In our relation to human beings we love with egoistic expectation. By this yoga we move towards the truth of loving that is unselfish, deep and divine. When we complain outside it is a sign that we have not started the inner journey. The first thing to understand is that the real problems are all within us and as long as we blame outside circumstances or people we have little chance of true progress. Another most important quality in the path of this yoga is humility. We must understand very clearly that all that makes us egoistic is nothing in front of the divine riches. To make oneself like a child is the only safeguard against the challenges and tests of the journey.

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What the Supramental will do the mind cannot foresee or lay down. The mind is Ignorance seeking for the Truth, the supramental by its very definition is Truth-Consciousness.