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At the Feet of The Mother

Stationed Above the Earth, pp. 356-357


Opening Remarks
Even as a child Savitri felt a Light above with which she identified herself rather than with the material world and in which she was born.

Stature of the gods
Even when she bent to meet earth’s intimacies
Her spirit kept the stature of the gods;
It stooped but was not lost in Matter’s reign.

Even in her human movements her spirit was always prompted from the heights. It leaned down towards earth yet always kept within the stature of the gods. Even in her meeting with earthly consciousness she always remained conscious of something greater, truer, diviner.

Ideal goddess in her house of gold
A world translated was her gleaming mind,
And marvel-mooned bright crowding fantasies
Fed with spiritual sustenance of dreams
The ideal goddess in her house of gold.

Her mind was a wide world in itself peopled with luminous beings and marvel dreams of the future and fantasies bright and true. Thus she moved in her mind as a perfect goddess in the golden house of her Spirit.

Deeper figures
Aware of forms to which our eyes are closed,
Conscious of nearnesses we cannot feel,
The Power within her shaped her moulding sense
In deeper figures than our surface types.

Aware of subtle forms which we cannot see, conscious of living presences we cannot feel, the Power she had brought with her moulded her senses to attune to deeper figures of truth than our surface consciousness is aware of.

A wider sight
An invisible sunlight ran within her veins
And flooded her brain with heavenly brilliances
That woke a wider sight than earth could know.

Her very body was built differently and a new consciousness of truth flowed in her veins and flooded her brain with luminous images and awoke within her a sight beyond this earth’s.

Soul’s deep truth
Outlined in the sincerity of that ray
Her springing childlike thoughts were richly turned
Into luminous patterns of her soul’s deep truth,
And from her eyes she cast another look
On all around her than man’s ignorant view.

Her early thoughts suffused with the light of sincerity cast differently upon things and people. They revealed the soul’s truth behind appearances.

Shapes of living selves
All objects were to her shapes of living selves
And she perceived a message from her kin
In each awakening touch of outward things.

Objects were to her not lifeless matter but living shapes with which she could inwardly communicate and felt a message in the touch of outward things.

A symbol power
Each was a symbol power, a vivid flash
In the circuit of infinities half-known;
Nothing was alien or inanimate,
Nothing without its meaning or its call.

Each object was a symbol and a power representative of something. In a flash she could sense infinities (the powers and forces and beings emerging from the Infinite) that were hidden. Nothing remained alien or inanimate, nothing was meaningless or without its ll to be.

A greater Nature
For with a greater Nature she was one.

Behind our ignorant nature there is a greater Supernature that is fully conscious and acts with full knowledge. Savitri was born with this greater Nature.

Closing Remarks
Even from her birth, as a little child, Savitri was conscious and leading a rich inner life based on truth vision.

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