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At the Feet of The Mother

Amal Kiran

The Mother: Past-Present-Future
Looking back at the stay in Bombay I cannot help seeing the Grace of the Mother in the series of dreams I had of her, such as had never happened to me in all the years I had known her. It was as if she showed herself close and intimate to one who was far away but needed her intensely[...]
The Mother: Past-Present-Future
Yesterday morning I wrote to the Mother, asking what had happened on February 29. I opined that it was something connected with the Supermind’s gripping the physical vital. In the evening after tennis the Mother passed by, smiling — and said: “You are behind by a century.”
The Mother: Past-Present-Future
Right through the afternoon, right through the evening, an effortless joy and constant Godward intensity, a penetration into Sri Aurobindo’s being and into the Mother’s. I felt enveloped and embraced by their holy atmosphere.
An interview with Amalda by Anie Nunnally
Amal was born Kekushru (Kekoo) D. Sethna on November 25, 1904 in Bombay. The family were members of the Parsi community in Bombay; descendants of the Zoroastrian Persians
The Mother: Past-Present-Future
Q: So many problems have been facing me of late. I wonder how they are to be solved happily. Mother: “The only way to a true and lasting happiness is a complete and exclusive reliance on the Divine’s Grace.” (19-10-1941)