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At the Feet of The Mother

Attitude and Qualities

The talk dwells on various outlooks and attitudes one can take towards life and self and world, especially on the inner attitude behind our daily life. Many clues shown by The Divine Master and The Mother are given, along with the practical examples.
The Mother wants to establish the highest divine Law here upon earth. There is a process through which this can be established with the collaboration of man. But first he must become conscious of the different levels of consciousness and their effects upon him.
Our real self, the soul is like a seed but that is covered by many layers of ignorance. Freedom from Ignorance through emergence of the soul and manifestation of its divine qualities in our life is fundamental to this yoga.
Sadhak should be able to see the inner forces at work behind the veil of appearances and above all, the divine intention behind the play. With this new vision a sadhak can dwell anywhere without being shaken by outer happenings.
It seems outwardly that in integral yoga there is minimum amount of rules, but in fact the rules are very subtle and demand far more vigilance, as they are an inner necessity rather than outer imposition. Also, the outer rules may not be the same for each individual as each one’s nature and stage different.
One’s inner attitude determines the way of spiritual life, so the path of genuine evolution opens from within outwards rather than outside in. An inner initiation spontaneously happens with the growth of inner preparation and opening. It could come like a Mantra, or a sentence or an experience. The whole of our life gets its true meaning from this awakening.
Equipped with sraddha and prarthana, the sadhaka can walk in the path of yoga confidently as he can feel the joy and protection of the Divine always with him.
In this yoga one needs faith that the Divine exists and will reveal Himself in response to our sincere aspiration by His own Grace. Once this fundamental faith is there, a thousand failures cannot stop him achieving the goal.
The yoga should not be done with a heart full of despondency, rather it should be done with a happy inner attitude. The sign of progress and effort in the right direction is a growth of joy and peace within, accompanied with vastness and wisdom, not visions and voices. It is a growth towards Oneness and not a state of division of life.
The workings and limitations of the lower nature which has to be slowly transformed into the higher Perfection; why transformation is a slow process, with a number of practical examples. Distinction between a forceful breaking of the present mould of nature and transforming it; the need for balance and avoidance of extremes. The Divine Love that transforms lower nature, and our personal efforts necessary to prepare and open ourselves to this Supreme Love.