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At the Feet of The Mother


An Article in English
It is India that can show the world the way to the future but for that it is important that Indians must first recover their own lost wisdom and strength.
Video in Hindi
भोपाल मध्य प्रदेश में हुई इस वार्ता में हम देखते हैं की किस प्रकार भागवत गीता एक महासागर हे एवं इसकी हर एक बून्द एक अमूल्य रत्न की भांति हे।
There is something truly beautiful and uplifting and divine in the life and personality of Christ and Mother Mary. One can see in him the beautiful heart of Buddha combined with the devotion for God which was released by Sri Krishna upon earth.
Video in English
Deepawali is generally celebrated as the return of Lord Rama after vanquishing Ravana. But there is another mystic dimension to the story that we discover here.
Text in English
Sri Aurobindo had not come to establish once again the Krishna world upon earth. His gift of the Gita still ranks and would continue to rank among the greatest of world-scriptures. Yet this was not enough.
Text in English
The real purpose of the Divine descents is to release the hidden Divine Consciousness hidden in the depths of matter so that a progressive divine manifestation can take place. The chosen place for this progressive divine manifestation is the earth with India as the spiritual epicentre at least for the present cycle.
Video in Hindi
श्री अरविंद सोसाइटी बिहार के साथ इस हिंदी वार्ता में हम देखते हैं की सिद्धि का क्या अर्थ है, सिद्धि दिवस के दिन क्या हुआ था, और इस दिन का क्या प्रभाव रहा।
Video in Hindi
इस हिंदी वार्ता में हम देखते हैं की किस तरह राधा ने भक्ति, प्रेम और समर्पण का सिखाया, और फिर माता जी ने हमे उसकी उच्चतम सीख दी। साथ ही हम देखते हैं की भगवान के साथ हम कोन कोन से संबंध रख सकते हैं।