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At the Feet of The Mother


What then is our role if any, we may ask. According to the Gita, as long as we remain subject to the play of nature as indeed most are, there is very little role so to say.
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Since the moment of creation – if we can call it a moment, for with this moment time begins – there is a race between the forces of creation and those of destruction.
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The return of the Light, though seemingly a repetition, is yet, like the changing of the seasons through blossoming in spring time, toil and effort during summer and the cleansing rains during the monsoons before the slow withdrawal during winters, also a forward movement.
This day marks a definitive turning point not only in Sri Aurobindo’s personal sadhana or the history of the Ashram but even more so in the history of the earth.
Evolution of man and of sadhana is from the gross to the subtle, from the small and limited to the vast and universal. For each stage of human evolution there is a yoga appropriate to that stage. The Middle Path is avoiding both extremes in our application of the Yoga.
The Maharasa is an eternal truth, the truth of the New Creation wherein each and every element, movement, being and forces are fully surrendered to the Divine and have Him rather than our ego at the centre.
The idea of Kalki Avatar is straight from the Vishnu Purana considered as few of the authentic Puranas rich in occult significance.
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‘Two are the measures of the cosmic Dance’. The dance of Krishna, the dance that accompanies and brings with it the Delight of creation, and the dance of Kali, the dance that brings the delight of destruction, the passing away of all that has outlived its purpose. They are two facets of the One Reality