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At the Feet of The Mother


An Essay by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
Yet behind all there is the One. It is this One Self on which we should concentrate. It is this One Self that must occupy our thoughts and engage our will. Then slowly the beauty of things will emerge from within...
An Essay by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
Uncertainty is the only certainty in this ever-changing world. This is fact that stares in our eyes and slowly impresses upon us as we grow through the various challenges of life.
This talk briefly touches upon the two kinds of web that weave our fate and how this understand can help us remould our future.
We need not suffer this constant sense of a fatality that haunts our lives. We can recreate our fate each moment, rewrite the scroll of destiny, replace the script written by our trembling mind and heart with the script of the soul and thereby change a crisis, even a moment of inevitable death into a door of opportunity and a step towards victory.
A Talk by Dr Alok Pandey (VIDEO IN ENGLISH)
This message is about our role in shaping our destiny. It raises and answers the question if destiny can be changed.
Letters on Yoga by Dr Alok Pandey
Grace is the Divine Power that has leaped down from the heart of the Supreme to help creation move towards its goal. In a general way this mysterious Grace supports creation from behind giving it the needed push for progress.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
This talk focuses upon the mystery of the soul's birth in physical matter, the constitution of matter and the purpose of our human birth.
A Talk in English (video)
Why does one get married? Or, why should one bring a child into this world? Reflecting upon such fundamental questions in a sincere and objective manner helps an adult become more conscious of his or her choices when it comes to entering the householder stage of life.
A Talk in English (video)
We have to go beyond the over-simplistic notion of good and bad fortune and look at the deeper causes that work from behind. It is in these depths and heights that we can discover the secret levers that can change our fate.
Satsang with Dr Alok Pandey in Australia 01/17 (video)
The purpose of human life as it unfolds between Birth and Death. The core aspiration ingrained in life and how it leads our human journey from within.
A Talk in English (video)
An informal sharing on Savitri with Dr Alok Pandey before a talk at the 2017 Retreat at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation of North America, New Jersey, USA.