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At the Feet of The Mother


War and Destruction are inevitable aspects of life as it is now constituted. Of course man should move beyond this towards an Age of Harmony and Peace. But this cannot happen by a wishful thinking or through government laws. Man must change radically for this miracle of collective existence.
Sometimes real-life events and stories reveal to us the complex interplay of the various determinisms that weave the play of fate, and we can learn so much by looking deep into that story. One such story has been of the miraculous escape of the Thai footballers stuck in a ‘death-cave’.
Accidents are a major source of suffering which one feels were quite avoidable. While one has to tackle this at different levels and find ways and means to reduce accidents, there is always something that we can do from our side to diminish its possibility and also the after-effects.
There is a law of Karma that seems to chase us beyond the pyre and the grave. And yet there is Grace. This is our hope of redemption from the Law that is binding even upon the gods. Today we share the Mother’s revelations on this aspect of death and after-life.
The whole life and its experiences are a preparation and the evolution of the psychic entity within us. Our ordinary nature has no free will, though it feels like it has. But it is an illusion.
The talk dwells on various outlooks and attitudes one can take towards life and self and world, especially on the inner attitude behind our daily life. Many clues shown by The Divine Master and The Mother are given, along with the practical examples.
The Mother wants to establish the highest divine Law here upon earth. There is a process through which this can be established with the collaboration of man. But first he must become conscious of the different levels of consciousness and their effects upon him.