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At the Feet of The Mother


An interview with Amrit (Howard) Iriyama by Anie Nunnally
I came into contact with the Mother in March 1967. ... Frankly, I could not really connect physically with the Mother. ... She wanted me to find her inside. This was always the message I received.
An interview with Krishna Tewari by Anie Nunnally
I was introduced to the Mother (and Sri Aurobindo) in 1971 while I was posted in Calcutta. We were preparing for the war with Pakistan that resulted in East Pakistan becoming an independent country — Bangladesh.... From my point of view, it was clearly a Divine Intervention.
An interview with Aster Patel by Anie Nunnally
Her name was changed to Aster by the Mother. It is remarkable to note here that Dr. Sen named his daughter Mira (the same name as the Mother) before ever having met the Mother or knowing anything about her.
An interview with Anu Purani by Anie Nunnally
Anu Purani is the only daughter of the late A.B. Purani, one of Sri Aurobindo’s original disciples, who was the recorder of Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo. ... She was brought to the Ashram when she was an infant at which time she and her mother joined her father who was already in residence there.
An interview with Anurakta by Anie Nunnally
Anurakta, whose name was given by the Mother, and means Lovingly Devoted — One Enamoured, is a sensitive man with a round face and fair skin. His eyes are deep blue and though he speaks with a slight stammer he has great inner strength and possesses a highly developed capacity for mental concentration.
An interview with Jhumur Bhattacharya by Anie Nunnally
Jhumur is one of the true swans of the Ashram. Tall, statuesque, regal and elegant she gracefully moves about the Ashram compound in beautifully hand-painted saris...
An interview with Richard Pearson by Anie Nunnally
Richard had asked Mother if he should take his higher courses in England. She wrote back: ... “No doubt from the exterior point of view, you will find in England all that you want for learning what human beings generally call knowledge, but from the point of view of Truth and Consciousness, you can find nowhere the atmosphere in which you are living here. ..."
An interview with Sunanda Poddar by Anie Nunnally
Sunanda Poddar has lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram since the age of sixteen with the exception of eight years in East Africa where she worked for SABDA. Her name, given by her parents and unchanged by the Mother, means “Full of Happiness”. ... since 1989 she has been the caretaker of “Srismriti”, the Mother’s Museum.
An interview with Tehmi Masalawalla by Anie Nunnally
Tehmi Masalawalla, a gifted poet, teacher, translator of Mother’s Questions and Answers and Satprem’s Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, was one of the first to reside in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram’s Golconde residence from as early as 1947.
An interview with Gauri Pinto by Anie Nunnally
The Mother inspired us all to strive to be better human beings. Every Wednesday, during her talks in the playground, she would give us a boost and encourage us to rise above ourselves. [...] We learned so many lessons from Mother. She taught us how to be grateful.