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At the Feet of The Mother


A talk by Dr Alok Pandey (VIDEO IN ENGLISH)
Human beings start their journey with some kind of a working conception of themselves and the world. Those with a little more awakened thoughts also form some conception of the Divine.
A talk by Dr AlokPandey in English (VIDEO)
Today's talk touches upon certain key aspects of Evolution and the importance of 17th November. We also touch briefly upon Adhikarbhed (readiness for Yoga) in the light of the message received on 17th November 2020.
The faith and intuition embedded within man is bound to take over our current paradigms leading to the emergence of a new and higher species or sub-species out of man, less burdened with animality and beginning to show the torch of divinity hidden within his cloak of a dense, obscure body.
An essay by Alok Pandey (TEXT)
When we have learnt this lesson that He is trying to teach us then shall we be free from the fear of death and indeed from all fears since behind all things terrible and beautiful, dangerous and delightful we shall see the One Divine Beloved
An essay by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
The Divine is the Source of all that exists, has existed and will exist in the future. He is the Source, the Origin, the One Existence from which all other existences derive.