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At the Feet of The Mother


This short documentary offers some insight into ideals and broad concepts of the future education.
An Essay by Dr Alok Pandey (TEXT)
Some would say that a new year is after all a convention. In a certain sense everything is a convention, a habit or a pattern woven into our thoughts and beliefs. The universe is born anew each moment and there is nothing in us that repeats the hour that is left behind.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
Dr Alok Pandey meets with students of Gopinathpur, Odisha, in 2018. The talk is about some of the important questions we must ask and see how their answers change.
A Talk in English (video)
Breaking free from both tradition and modernity, the talk brings fresh insights into child development and human nature. A few examples from scriptures and real life draw attention to the real needs of a child.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
A talk by Dr Alok Pandey at Odiya Nilayam for the children of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre of Sundargarh.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
Worship is often taken as a ritual but there is a deeper sense within it, and if rightly done it becomes a means to enter into the consciousness of the worshipped. But more important than worship is to embody the qualities that are represented in these great luminous beings.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
This is an interactive session with students of an Integral School in Odisha with focus on the beauty and power of speech. It deals also with certain related aspects such as bhajans, body language and the role of sound.
A talk in Hindi (AUDIO)
Yoga unfolds the true possibilities of our life. Nature, though derived from divine reality, covers the possibility as man is not ready yet; nature takes him through a range of experiences through many lives to prepare him.
The integral education is meant to bring about the all-round development of a child. Some of the key ideas of an integral education are shared here with the example of the Mother’s School.