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At the Feet of The Mother


At best they invite some gods and beings of the vital world where much falsehood is mixed with fragments of truth, at worst they invoke certain dangerous forces in the atmosphere.  
An audio in English
Evolution is not magic but a real-time event that takes place through steps and processes. Each stage carries its own hazards and challenges, brings its own set of opportunities; opens doors to the highest and the abyss. The road to Supermanhood passes through an increasing embodiment of the godlike nature...
Video in English
This reflection is on one of the aspects of the Divine Mother where She is shown destroying her own body.
Video in English
On the day of Mahashivratri celebrated across India this talk provides a glimpse of Shiva along with two of Sri Aurobindo's Poems, - Shiva and Epiphany.
Saraswati is the presiding goddess of the last of the four Ages of mankind, who prepares the world for the new cycle of Creation, Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth.
Making a conscious choice as to what path if any to follow requires a careful reflection on the aim of life. The choice should be an act of love for the Deity and not an act of fear or social pressure.
Of course, the integral yoga does not depend upon observing or not observing these events, yet the Divine Mother uses every little door as an opening through which the Divine can enter a sadhak's consciousness and work within it.