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At the Feet of The Mother

Human Body, The

"Ancient thought has always admired the exceptional, the extreme, the superhuman type of humanity. But what really constitutes the phenomenon of genius in any field?"
The same consciousness which was the monopoly of the vital and the mind has become that of the body: the consciousness is working in the cells of the body.
Any well-planned and scientifically arranged programme of exercises practised with a yogic attitude will become yogic exercises [...]
It is only by the progressive awakening of the Body's consciousness to the higher divine forces that it can eventually escape the law and need of illness.
... if you want to have a divine consciousness, you must not give up spiritual aspiration; but if you want to become an integral divine being on earth, take good care not to let go of the other end, and make your body the best possible instrument.
Nothing great is ever accomplished without endurance. If you study the lives of great men you will see how they set themselves like flint against the weaknesses of the vital.
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The soul does not reside in the body as an organ nor does it use any organ specially as its dwelling place.