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At the Feet of The Mother

Karma, Law of

Karma is essentially about learning and growth that the soul in Ignorance must go through as its primary schooling. But the soul is never alone.
The answer to the question of everything being fated and predetermined or tied to a link of cause and effect it, depends upon what vantage point we look at it. Both are true!
The sole purpose of the law of karma is to perfect ourselves and through us the world around us. The more we are attuned to the higher and highest state the more we engage and collaborate in fulfilling this purpose.  On the other hand, the more we deviate from this truth, the more we add up to the chaos and confusion.
Audio in English
New adaptation is tilted towards a complete hold of the Spirit over Matter, so that the Spirit decides how matter should respond and the Matter is completely responsive to the Spiritual will. The only thing that counts towards this is the Grace Above and the call and response from our soul and nature below.
We need not suffer this constant sense of a fatality that haunts our lives. We can recreate our fate each moment, rewrite the scroll of destiny, replace the script written by our trembling mind and heart with the script of the soul and thereby change a crisis, even a moment of inevitable death into a door of opportunity and a step towards victory.