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At the Feet of The Mother

Mantra and Prayer

... the nature of our modern life has certainly taken a turn towards the fulfilment of desire-self and the assertion of the ego. What could rescue it from there except the Lord's Name?
Text in Hindi
Sri Aurobindo does not believe much in mechanical methods and stressed more on the attitude and the inner state rather than on the outer means and formal methods.
The Mother: There are certain words whose resonance in the physical world is the perfect vibratory materialisation of the more subtle vibration produced by the thought in its own domain.
Her Name must remain the main support, singing behind as rejuvenating music of life, running with our breath as a nectarous stream into which we can dip whenever we have a little time amidst all we do, our work and exercise and rest.
The first stir of creation is the primal vibration or the primordial sound. It takes place without any medium (since none was there). It expands endlessly in Space which is nothing else but Brahman (the Supreme Reality).
an audio in english
Many a time in the day and night it seems to me that I am [...] concentrated entirely in my heart which is no longer an organ, not even a feeling, but the divine Love, impersonal, eternal; and being this Love I feel myself living at the centre of each thing upon the entire earth ...
Equipped with sraddha and prarthana, the sadhaka can walk in the path of yoga confidently as he can feel the joy and protection of the Divine always with him.