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At the Feet of The Mother


Our outer acts, even gestures and postures should somewhere reflect something of this divinity within. Even a ritual act must be at once a symbol as well as expressive of an inner movement.
True spiritual life begins with an aspiration, a seeking for the Divine, to discover and become one with Him. Whatever helps in process is good whether it be a ritualistic worship or doing one's work with dedication to God for the joy of serving Him.
True pooja or worship is not a rule-bound ritual but a state of devotion and prayer and offering of ourselves at the Feet of the Divine, through whatever means, through the heart's love, through the body's work done as a service.
An Article in English (TEXT)
Looked at from another angle, the whole of Indian life, from birth to death and the hereafter, seems like ceaseless worship to various cosmic powers whose origins lie in profound yogic experiences reproduced and verified by countless sages and seers...
This brief Reflection in Hindi explains the term Kalyan Shraddha in the light of the Integral Yoga. We also touch on its modern understanding and how The Mother has explained it.
We must uncover spiritual truths hiding behind all these stories and legends and philosophies, since to discover them again through a great personal tapasya is nearly impossible in our modern age, with such short life spans and a thoroughly materialistic orientation.
A Talk in English (video)
This talk by Dr Alok Pandey focuses on different changes we see in the world, which are signs of an emergent new creation and progressive spiritualisation of the human race. 
from Conversations by the Mother (text)
The path must be shown and the doors opened but everyone must follow the path, pass through the doors and go towards his personal realisation. The only help one can and should receive is that of the Grace which formulates itself in everyone according to his own need.

What is exactly the nature of religion? Is it an obstacle in the way of spiritual life?

Religion belongs to the higher mind of humanity. It is the effort of man’s higher mind to approach, as far as lies in its power, something beyond it ... Religion may be divine in its ultimate origin; in its actual nature it is not divine but human.

Sweet Mother, is religion a necessity in the life of the ordinary man ?

In the life of societies it is a necessity, for it serves as a corrective to collective egoism which, without this control, could take on excessive proportions.