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At the Feet of The Mother


Today we close the series of explorations on the evolution of a religious towards a spiritualized humanity with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s visions of the Future. As always these revelations are often seemingly cryptic and yet disclose a deep truth towards which we move.
As man evolves, the society evolves, science and technology evolve, even religion and man’s contact with beings of the higher worlds evolve. What is the future of Religion which is becoming almost a dying spent up force, is this death a new beginning, the sign of a new birth?
A Talk in Hindi (video)
Worship is often taken as a ritual but there is a deeper sense within it, and if rightly done it becomes a means to enter into the consciousness of the worshipped. But more important than worship is to embody the qualities that are represented in these great luminous beings.
The Uttarpara speech not only reveals the transition point in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga but also lays the broad foundations of a universal religion for India and the World. We reflect upon this speech today to bring home to our hearts the core truths of Sanatana Dharma.
Audio in Hindi
Religious life is often trapped in rules and rituals, often continued unthinkingly out of fear or as a means of pleasing God. Spirituality begins when we begin to seek consciously and chose the path we must travel to find Truth consciously.
Spiritual life is a life dedicated towards God realization or the seeking after Truth and Peace and Bliss. Religious life is however not so much of a seeking but living according to some belief systems. Sometimes religious life can be a preparation for the spiritual but very often it stops our progress by keeping us tied to certain fixed and limited formulas.