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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

While Sri Aurobindo didn’t ask disciples to regard themselves as his equals or anything of the sort, at the same time he did not specifically instruct them in a set of dos and don'ts with regard to their relation with him.
Video in English
This talk at Brahmanaspati Kshetram looks at the sacrifices Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have made for the redemption of earth and mankind.
Audio in English
The Mother’s arrival to India and Her meeting Sri Aurobindo is an event of momentous significance.  We are taking a closer look at its deeper meaning and importance to earth and men.
The joining together of the Divine and His Shakti concealed behind and within Nature initiated a series of transmuting experiences leading eventually to realisation of this union as a collective possibility.
An essay in English
Since the moment of creation – if we can call it a moment, for with this moment time begins – there is a race between the forces of creation and those of destruction.