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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

An audio in English
A short dip into the history of ‘Christmas celebrations’ at the Ashram.... a talk of the Mother on the 25th Dec and another on the 31st Dec are showing us as always the way to live simply and beautifully and divinely.
An audio in English
Sahana Devi's memoirs again and again show us the Love and Grace of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Their way of dealing with the sadhakas difficulties and unique challenges.
The 24th November 1926 marks the beginning of Darshan Days observed as special occasions in the Ashram when the Mother and Sri Aurobindo would be seated together, the Mother to Sri Aurobindo's right representing the Shakti of Sri Aurobindo while the disciples went up to have a glimpse of the twin Avatars one by one in a silent queue.
Video in Hindi
इस हिंदी वार्ता में हम देखते हैं की आश्रम में दर्शन दिवस का क्या महत्व है, इस दिन को हमे केसे व्यतीत करना चाहिए और 24 नवंबर का क्या महत्व है.
Text in English
The real purpose of the Divine descents is to release the hidden Divine Consciousness hidden in the depths of matter so that a progressive divine manifestation can take place. The chosen place for this progressive divine manifestation is the earth with India as the spiritual epicentre at least for the present cycle.
Video in Hindi
श्री अरविंद सोसाइटी बिहार के साथ इस हिंदी वार्ता में हम देखते हैं की सिद्धि का क्या अर्थ है, सिद्धि दिवस के दिन क्या हुआ था, और इस दिन का क्या प्रभाव रहा।
The way to enter the inner atmosphere of the Ashram is through faith, sincerity of aspiration, true will to surrender and for these the outer Ashram becomes a royal doorway to enter and facilitate Sri Aurobindo's yoga.