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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo's Path and Traditional Yoga

This day marks a definitive turning point not only in Sri Aurobindo’s personal sadhana or the history of the Ashram but even more so in the history of the earth.
The Supramental Truth is the truth of the Infinite. It cannot be bound or limited by any one-sided formula or understanding of things, or any process or technique for which we may be eagerly looking for.
In the Integral Yoga, we turn to the Divine Mother who is One and yet Infinite and hence can be approached by each individual in his or her unique way. The lack of a rigid structure allows for individual variations in our approach to the One Infinite Reality.
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Looked at from another angle, the whole of Indian life, from birth to death and the hereafter, seems like ceaseless worship to various cosmic powers whose origins lie in profound yogic experiences reproduced and verified by countless sages and seers...
It appears that most Indians still regard saintliness and other-worldliness as the real signs of spiritual man. Even men of action revere the anchorite and the renunciate even though they hardly emulate him.