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At the Feet of The Mother

Superman Consciousness

The signs of the Superman have been described by the Mother as a being who is vast and benevolent, who acts as a mentor to find the way to the supramental world that is in the making since 1956.
A talk by Dr Alok Pandey (video in English)
This webinar is centred around the process of transition from our present humanity to the superhumanity of tomorrow as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, with emphasis on the role of the younger generation.
She shows us the way by Her own example. Let us follow in Her footsteps this coming year and leaving aside all our fanciful wishes go straight towards the ultimate Source, the secret key to change that lies within us. Let us start the first moment of 2021 with this resolve.
A talk by Dr Alok Pandey (VIDEO)
This talk is about another decisive experience on 1st January 1969 on the road to Supramental transformation, which She termed as Descent of the Superman.
A Talk in Hindi (video)
On the 1st January 1969, an event of tremendous importance to the yoga of Sri Aurobindo took place. On the 50th anniversary of this momentous event, we share few glimpses of what the Mother described as 'The Descent of the Superman.'
The Mother confirmed the descent of the Superman in Jan 1969. It is a landmark event, the missing link between Man and the Supramental Creation, if one may say so. On the 50th anniversary of this rather lesser known event which is nevertheless of a capital importance to the fulfillment of the Supramental Yoga we dedicate this first talk of the year 2019.
The offered talk on Supramental Body gives a rare glimpse at Amal-da's interpretation of this profound future development, which was predicted and described by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but is very difficult to grasp. The talk was recorded in 1971.