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At the Feet of The Mother

Subtle Sounds

My sadhana is at a standstill. And yet I hear some subtle sounds with the same force and frequency as when it was in fall movement. Have they then no connection with the sadhana?

It depends on the nature of the sounds. Some have a connection, others are merely sounds of the other planes.

Naik told me, “This subtle faculty is perhaps something like an occult thing opening in the consciousness, similar to seeing visions.” Is it true?


Visions help sadhana; does this faculty also help me?

If it is accompanied with knowledge.

I don’t know if knowledge of subtle sounds also can come by itself.

All knowledge can come by itself.

Why should those subtle sounds which have no connection with my sadhana be heard at all? And what are the ‘other planes’?

Supraphysical planes. When the inner senses open, or any of them, one sees or hears things belonging to the other planes automatically. What one sees or hears depends on the development of the inner sense. It depends on what you hear whether these are the symbol sounds only which have a connection with the sadhana or simply other plane sounds of an ordinary character.

A subtle sound like a peal of bells is heard constantly and loudly. What does it denote?

That is considered to be a sound closely connected with the sadhana.

In what way are such sounds connected with the sadhana?

They are the signs of a working going on to prepare something — but as that is a general thing, it cannot be said from the sounds themselves what the preparation is.

Along with the bells, there are at times sounds of a hammer striking on the Brahmic centre on the top of the head. Have they also a significance?

Yes. The same, but here a working to remove some obstacle which prevents the higher consciousness from coming down into the physical.

If the sadhana were to be judged by the inner states and experiences, it is obviously suspended. But the subtle sounds of bells and hammers are rather increasing in force and frequency.

I suppose they are trying to keep up the connection or something is being prepared.

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