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At the Feet of The Mother

Subtle Tastes

My consciousness feels a sweet juice in the mouth and the feeling goes so far that I am not aware any more of teeth or tongue or any flesh in the mouth.

It happens sometimes when the force is flowing down from the Brahmarandhra.

The above experience of the sweet juice was repeated. I would like to know what that sweet flow is and from where it comes into my mouth.

It is a form of the flow of Ananda from above — when it takes a quite physical form the Yogins call it Amrita.

The subtle tastes in my mouth are changing in quality. In place of the Amrita (the divine nectar) there is a bitter taste sometimes. Why so?

It is not certain. It may be either something in the physical conflicting with the Amrita that comes up — or the opening of the subtle taste. When that comes there comes often a salt or a bitter as well as a sweet taste in the mouth. In the end the sweet taste swallows up the others.

How many tastes are there in the subtle worlds in addition to those above mentioned? Are there other ones than those known on this earth?

There are sour, pungent and astringent tastes — but also others that do not come under any classification.[1]


[1] The faculty of subtle taste and other such faculties ceased a short time after their purpose had been served — that is, to open the being to occult knowledge and powers. All sorts of tastes, some combined in form, and at times even opposite, like bitter and sweet, were actually swallowed up in the end by the Amrita.

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