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At the Feet of The Mother

Suffering of the Mother’s Body

All true Masters are identified with the Divine within and share His Omnipotence to an extent. Yet they go through suffering for two reasons. First, the truly great ones take upon themselves the sorrow and suffering of humanity. Sri Ramakrishna spoke about it. Sri Aurobindo has elaborately explained it. The second reason however, which became the focus of this yoga is the imperfection of matter. Otherwise, why should there be suffering and error and evil and pain at all when the All Blissful is ever seated within the body. It is so because the human body designed and evolved through the process of Nature is not yet the perfect instrument of the Divine.

The Divine Mother’s body is no exception. Rather being the Avatar, She had to take upon a much greater share of all the difficulties and challenges that the human body experiences. She experienced every possible illness in Her body and the suffering it entails so that the true cure could be found.

But with Her there is a third reason as well, especially when She started work with the body cells and the deep-rooted resistance of the Inconscient. It is this that She had to absorb the Supramental Consciousness into her human body so that new organs and passages could be built in it as the prototype of the supramental body. It is far from easy, a near impossible task, unimaginable in fact given the intensity of the impact. Our human body can hardly contain the impact of strong vital forces and begins to jump and dance. The impact of powerful mental forces can actually derange the brain. Here She is bearing the impact of the highest Supramental forces and letting it all soak in to find the passage to the new species. Of course, She is the conscious descent of the Divine in Her inner being. But her body is still made of more or less the same material as other human bodies, hence the suffering. Yes, She could easily stand back or enter the state of perfect equanimity (She would do that as well) but that would mean not doing the work She came to do. The very nature of the work, the transmutation of the body requires an identification with it with all the attendant consequences. Otherwise, why would the Divine need to come down at all. He could just do everything by His omnipotence and omniscience through any body. But no body could bear the impact and hence the need of some body to represent the difficulties of the human earthly body as well as the possibility of its transmutation by the tremendous impact of the All-powerful. We may note that She was not trying or even wanting to cure the illnesses that came up. That was old story and an accomplished fact. She was rather trying to build a new body out of the old that would be immune to the very possibility of illness. And that work, as opposed to simply curing an illness by sending a force or the Divine current from its omnipotent Source, needed a total identification with the body. The intense suffering was a natural consequence for reasons as noted above.

This was never done before. Hence the problem of whether She knew or not. Well again in Her Omniscience She knows it and yet there are practical aspects that remain unpredictable as they depend upon how the earthly human material in Her and in others reacts to it. Hence the trying out of different possibilities to find the safest and swiftest passage for man.

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