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At the Feet of The Mother

Sunlit Path

After passing through a lot of attacks, falls, depressions, some part of my inmost being seems to have a fleeting glimpse of what is called the sunlit or golden path. Once on this road no hostile being can touch the inner being. Darkness or ignorance (unwillingness to change) is worked out in the part itself without the necessity (as is normal) of its rising up and veiling the elevated or illumined parts of the being.

Revolts, doubts or even suggestions fail to break the luminous environment of this pilgrim. Not that these anti-divine things do not attempt to approach him. They do pursue him a long way. But he only looks at them, smiles and journeys on. To keep up with the sunlit path requires a watchful eye and one-pointed concentration, which does not heed what lies on the side-tracks. His soul secretly companions him throughout with its peace, joy and love. Does such a path truly exist somewhere or is it only a visionary idea?

There is such a sunlit or golden path, but it is difficult for man with the pull of his lower nature to follow it.

Difficult no doubt it is, but is it really impossible for the human being to tread the sunlit path?

It is not impossible. But only one or two have been able to do it — which proves that it is not easy.

Can’t one do something for a smooth transformation of one’s external nature with no serious revolts, attacks or falls?

Yes, but it is not easy. It needs either a calm resolute will governing the whole being or a very great samata to have a quite smooth transformation. If they are there, then there are no revolts though there may be difficulties, no attacks, only a conscious dealing with the defects of the nature, no falls but only setting right of wrong steps or movements.

About some sadhaks who do not need to pass through the struggle of the sadhana, you said, “It is something in their nature that is poised, calm, open.” Do you think there is anything like that in my nature?

There is a possibility of it, it is an element, but there was also too much tamas for it to dominate the whole nature.

Before I came down into the physical from the higher consciousness, I had the belief that I could remain always on the sunlit path. Was it wrong?

It was not wrong but a part of your being, the tamasic part has not allowed you to realise it all through. You have what many people here lack, a capacity of poise or balance. It is again the inertia that allows the vital attacks to dash against it and create a suggestion of revolt — for with the perfect balance any tendency to revolt is impossible.

Since my being wants the sunlit path, kindly enlighten me how to make it possible.

It is possible if you (1) can get free of the vital demand, (2) regard the difficulties of the nature calmly and dispassionately as if some defects of a machine that has to be set right, the being that uses the machine remaining fully dedicated to the Mother.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.