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At the Feet of The Mother

Superman as the Leader of Earthly Life, pp. 707-710 (SH 345)

The passage read today takes the prophecy further and reveals to us the coming of the Superman.

The Spirit’s eyes shall look through Nature’s eyes,
The Spirit’s force shall occupy Nature’s force.

This world shall be God’s visible garden-house,
The earth shall be a field and camp of God,
Man shall forget consent to mortality
And his embodied frail impermanence.

This universe shall unseal its occult sense,
Creation’s process change its antique front, [p.707]
An ignorant evolution’s hierarchy
Release the Wisdom chained below its base.

The Spirit shall be the master of his world
Lurking no more in form’s obscurity
And Nature shall reverse her action’s rule,
The outward world disclose the Truth it veils;
All things shall manifest the covert God,
All shall reveal the Spirit’s light and might
And move to its destiny of felicity.

Even should a hostile force cling to its reign
And claim its right’s perpetual sovereignty
And man refuse his high spiritual fate,
Yet shall the secret Truth in things prevail.

For in the march of all-fulfilling Time
The hour must come of the Transcendent’s will:
All turns and winds towards his predestined ends
In Nature’s fixed inevitable course
Decreed since the beginning of the worlds
In the deep essence of created things:
Even there shall come as a high crown of all
The end of Death, the death of Ignorance.

But first high Truth must set her feet on earth
And man aspire to the Eternal’s light
And all his members feel the Spirit’s touch
And all his life obey an inner Force.

This too shall be; for a new life shall come,
A body of the Superconscient’s truth,
A native field of Supernature’s mights:
It shall make earth’s nescient ground Truth’s colony,
Make even the Ignorance a transparent robe
Through which shall shine the brilliant limbs of Truth
And Truth shall be a sun on Nature’s head
And Truth shall be the guide of Nature’s steps
And Truth shall gaze out of her nether deeps.

When superman is born as Nature’s king
His presence shall transfigure Matter’s world: [p.708]
He shall light up Truth’s fire in Nature’s night,
He shall lay upon the earth Truth’s greater law;
Man too shall turn towards the Spirit’s call.

Awake to his hidden possibility,
Awake to all that slept within his heart
And all that Nature meant when earth was formed
And the Spirit made this ignorant world his home,
He shall aspire to Truth and God and Bliss.

Interpreter of a diviner law
And instrument of a supreme design,
The higher kind shall lean to lift up man.

Man shall desire to climb to his own heights.

The truth above shall wake a nether truth,
Even the dumb earth become a sentient force.

The Spirit’s tops and Nature’s base shall draw
Near to the secret of their separate truth
And know each other as one deity.

The Spirit shall look out through Matter’s gaze
And Matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face.

Then man and superman shall be at one
And all the earth become a single life.

Even the multitude shall hear the Voice
And turn to commune with the Spirit within
And strive to obey the high spiritual law:
This earth shall stir with impulses sublime,
Humanity awake to deepest self,
Nature the hidden godhead recognise.

Even the many shall some answer make
And bear the splendour of the Divine’s rush
And his impetuous knock at unseen doors.

A heavenlier passion shall upheave men’s lives,
Their mind shall share in the ineffable gleam,
Their heart shall feel the ecstasy and the fire.

Earth’s bodies shall be conscious of a soul;
Mortality’s bondslaves shall unloose their bonds,
Mere men into spiritual beings grow
And see awake the dumb divinity.
[Savitri: 707 – 710]

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