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At the Feet of The Mother

On Supramental Body – A Talk by Amal Kiran (1971)

amal-2004Sri Aurobindo gave K.D. Sethna the name Amal Kiran – The Clear Ray on September 3, 1930, and once said: “Amal once asked the Mother if he would realise the Divine. The Mother replied that he would unless he did something idiotic to cut short his life.” In 1966 the Mother said that if Amal Kiran took reasonable care of his body, he would “participate in the realization of the New World.” And on his sixty-sixth birthday, Amal Kiran requested the Mother: “I want to hang on till I see your Victory.” She replied: “Bien.”

The offered talk on Supramental Body gives a rare glimpse at Amal-da’s interpretation of this profound future development, which was predicted and described by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but is very difficult to grasp. The talk was recorded in 1971, and we are not aware of any printed transcript.

The photograph on the right is taken in 2004, when Amal-da just turned 100 years old.

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