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At the Feet of The Mother

The Teaching of Flowers (video)

This is a 33 minute fragment of the documentary film by Loretta Shartsis (Auroville). A full length film (2 hrs) in a much better quality is available in stores or at https://www.teachingsofflowers.com/

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ABOUT THE FILM (reproduced from https://www.teachingsofflowers.com/the-film)

Using the Mother’s flower teachings as a framework, this film presents the story of her life and work from her birth and early childhood realizations, her spiritual attainments and her meeting with Sri Aurobindo and the formation of the Ashram.  It speaks about their work together and the Mother’s work after Sri Aurobindo left.

This fully researched documentary video was made in cooperation with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.  Combining original nature footage (shot over a 2 year period in India and the U.S.) with rare archival paintings and photographs of the Mother, Sri Aurobindo and the Ashram, this film is a beautiful meditation and teaching on the wisdom and spirit of flowers and the Earth.

The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was a beloved teacher and guide for thousands of people.  She worked with Sri Aurobindo for the manifestation of the new consciousness which brings the changes that people experience all over the world today. Their work and teachings open pathways of progress for all humanity.

The Mother was conscious from birth  By the time she was four years old, she was aware of the new consciousness. Throughout her life, she worked on all planes of consciousness and all levels of life to make the new consciousness available for mankind.  As she worked in subtle levels of matter, life and mind, her deep sensitivities and vast wisdom enabled her to perceive the spiritual qualities of flowers.

We now know that the earth is formed from the dust of the stars in the nebulae of our cosmos, and we are made of the substance of the earth.  We share our aspirations for progress with the earth. The Mother taught that the dreams of creation live in flowers as forces and vibrations which are also in human beings, and she used the true essence of flowers as a spiritual teaching.  

The spirit of these teachings lives in this film.  We invite you to take a journey into the beautiful and profound teachings that The Mother offered using the Divine qualities in each flower.  This film tells the story of a remarkable spiritual seeker and server and it offers the viewer a meditative space to connect with the essence of truth and beauty alive around us.


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