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At the Feet of The Mother

The Adoration of the Divine Mother (SVH 28) Book 3 Canto 2

This talk is a summary of Savitri Book Three Canto Two.

Is this still and silent Self the end of our search? Is this state that cancels nature and world and receives the soul in the bosom of a vast Nihil the last and final step of this great tremendous journey? Is dissolution into the One Reality that transcends the individual and the cosmos, what is called Moksha, the goal of human existence? Aswapati now stands between this state hanging between the eternal Yes that has sanctioned creation’s paradox profound and the eternal No that cancels it. His will is for the redemption of creation. Even as he thus waits, he experiences the nearness of the wonderful Presence of the Divine Mother who takes into Herself world and nature and soul. She is the key to resolving the enigma of the Night and the paradox of creation. It is Her alchemist touch that can transform all things. It is She whom he has come seeking all the way. It is She alone who can change this earthly life into a life Divine thereby freeing earth and man from the clutch of falsehood and ignorance and darkness and death. This marvellous Presence fills Aswapati with rapture and ecstasy. Now all other longings have ceased within his heart and there is only one cry left. His being now grown boundless and wide aspires for the entire race. Only one seeking is left now and it is to fill this earth with Her Presence and Power to heal and help man advance towards its highest destiny. Darkness must vanish completely from earth. All must be filled with Her Beauty and Glory and Peace and Harmony and Bliss.

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