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At the Feet of The Mother

The Adventure of Consciousness, pp. 455-456

Opening remarks
The soul was drawn towards the great adventure of the Abyss and the possibilities hidden in the Inconscient.

Creation out of Nothingness
A world of hard endeavour and difficult toil,
And battle on extinction’s perilous verge,
A clash of forces, a vast incertitude,
The joy of creation out of Nothingness,
Strange meetings on the roads of Ignorance
And the companionship of half-known souls
Or the solitary greatness and lonely force
Of a separate being conquering its world,
Called it from its too safe eternity.

The soul was drawn out from its safe eternity to face the hard endeavour and difficult toil and battle on the verge of extinction and verge of peril. It longed for the growth that comes through a clash of forces and a vast incertitude and the joy of creating out of Nothingness. It longed for the joy of strange meetings on the roads of Ignorance and the companionship of half-known souls. Or it longed for solitary greatness and lonely force of a separate being conquering its world.

A giant fall
A huge descent began, a giant fall:
For what the spirit sees, creates a truth
And what the soul imagines is made a world.

Thence began a huge descent, a giant fall for what the spirit sees and wills, it creates. What the soul imagines is made a world.

Cyclic movement in eternal Time
A Thought that leaped from the Timeless can become,
Indicator of cosmic consequence
And the itinerary of the gods,
A cyclic movement in eternal Time.

A divine vibration clothed in sound and words can bring about cosmic consequences. Even the gods work towards fulfilling it through the cycles of Time that execute it.

Blind tremendous choice
Thus came, born from a blind tremendous choice,
This great perplexed and discontented world,
This haunt of Ignorance, this home of Pain:
There are pitched desire’s tents, grief’s headquarters.

The soul’s tremendous choice to plunge into the Inconscient and grow through the adventure of the unknown brought about this perplexed discontented world. It is right now a haunt of Ignorance, a home of pain where desire’s tents are pitched and grief’s headquarters.

A vast disguise
A vast disguise conceals the Eternal’s bliss.”

The Eternal’s bliss is hidden behind the world’s disguise.

Closing Remarks
The world is a disguise of the Lord. The soul has plunged into this Inconscient and is hidden behind it. Behind all our outer pain and suffering there is hidden a heart of Love and Bliss that will set us free.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.