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At the Feet of The Mother

The Ancient Mother’s Heart, p. 344-345

Opening Remarks
Mother Nature, material mother awaits with patience for the coming of the New World. She has waited for billions of years for this advent and even though denied by fate yet she refuses to give up.

Although Fate lingers
Although Fate lingers in the high Beyond
And the work seems vain on which our heart’s force was spent,
All shall be done for which our pain was borne.

Although fate is yet to fulfil the aspiration of the Earth. Although her toil and labour seems to be vain and wasted, yet there is a word of assurance that continues to inspire hope in her heart that one day her aspiration shall be indeed fulfilled.

This high divine successor
Even as of old man came behind the beast
This high divine successor surely shall come
Behind man’s inefficient mortal pace,
Behind his vain labour, sweat and blood and tears:
He shall know what mortal mind barely durst think,
He shall do what the heart of the mortal could not dare.

The whole evolutionary journey of earth has been to prepare for this divine successor of man even as man succeeded and superseded the animal. Behind man’s slow inefficient pace, behind his vain labour, his sweat and blood and tears he shall take up the challenge of earth and think what the mortal mind can hardly think and the heart of man hardly dare. It is the divine superman who will succeed and supersede man even as man has superceded the animal. It is this divine superman who will be the crown of nature for which our humanity is a preparation.

Inheritor of human time
Inheritor of the toil of human time,
He shall take on him the burden of the gods;
All heavenly light shall visit the earth’s thoughts,
The might of heaven shall fortify earthly hearts;
Earth’s deeds shall touch the superhuman’s height,
Earth’s seeing widen into the infinite.

Inheritor of the toil of earth the species that is yet to emerge beyond man, shall take up the burden of the gods. All lights and wisdom of heaven shall visit the earth and the might of heaven shall strengthen human hearts. Earth’s deeds shall touch heavenly heights and the earth’s limited vision seeing widen into the infinite. It will be the birth of godlike divine elements in creation, in a new and diviner body that shall transform earthly life.

Seals upon man’s soul
Heavy unchanged weighs still the imperfect world;
The splendid youth of Time has passed and failed;
Heavy and long are the years our labour counts
And still the seals are firm upon man’s soul
And weary is the ancient Mother’s heart.

The world still labours and toils. It is burdened with the imperfection of matter and embodied life. The youth of time has passed during the heroic ages of mankind and yet its splendid labour seems to have been wasted. The seals and bonds of ignorance are still too strong and mother Nature continues to wait for the advent of the being who shall be the crown of its long and difficult labour.

Closing Remarks
This passage about the agony and anguish of the earth along with the vision of hope for the future sets the note for the highest boon that Aswapati is going to now ask the Divine Mother.

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