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At the Feet of The Mother

The Apparent Creator, p. 512

Opening Remarks
The Titan uses the powers given to him to build titanic creations. These then only further aggrandise his ego making him believe that he and his mind is the real creator and greater even than God.

I was born
All was prepared through many a silent age,
God made experiments with animal shapes,
Then only when all was ready I was born.

The Titan sees the entire evolutionary history as a silent preparation for his coming. Animals and all that preceded before him were experiments to make the earth ready for his birth.

Greater than Nature, wiser than God
I was born weak and small and ignorant,
A helpless creature in a difficult world
Travelling through my brief years with death at my side;
I have grown greater than Nature, wiser than God.

He believes that he was born weak and small and ignorant as a helpless creature in a difficult world, traversing his brief life with death at his side, yet the Titan believes that he has grown greater than Nature and wiser than God.

I have made
I have made real what she never dreamed,
I have seized her powers and harnessed for my work,
I have shaped her metals and new metals made;
I will make glass and raiment out of milk,
Make iron velvet, water unbreakable stone,
Like God in his astuce of artist skill,
Mould from one primal plasm protean forms,
In single Nature multitudinous lives,
All that imagination can conceive
In mind intangible, remould anew
In Matter’s plastic solid and concrete.

The Titan justifies his pride by looking at his creations such as new metals and glass and velvet using strange combination of chemicals. He has harnessed the powers of Nature for his work and made things she never dreamed. Like God in his artist skill the Titan finds out ways and means to manipulate life and build many forms from one primal plasm. The Titan lets his imaginations run wild and remoulds the elements of Nature and use solid Matter in a plastic and concrete way.

Magic’s skill
No magic can surpass my magic’s skill.

The Titan believes that his magic skills exceed God and Nature.

No miracle I cannot achieve
There is no miracle I shall not achieve.

The Titan has a boastful confidence in his capacities and believes that he can perform every impossible feat.

I am the last
What God imperfect left, I will complete,
Out of a tangled mind and half-made soul
His sin and error I will eliminate;
What he invented not, I shall invent:
He was the first creator, I am the last.

He is here to improve upon God’s work, to complete and perfect what God left incomplete and imperfect. He will eliminate sin and error emerging out of a tangled and mind and half-finished soul. He will invent what God could not. God may be the first creator but he is the last.

Closing Remarks
Such is the self-aggrandising gospel of the Titan in which all is meant for his ego and its fulfilment by the powers of his mind. He is the greatest and the best of all, even greater than Nature and God.

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