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At the Feet of The Mother

The Arrogant Mind of the Asura, p. 518

Opening Remarks
The Asura tries to usurp this Light and misuse it for amassing outer comforts and material gains diverting them for the purposes of ego-aggrandisement.

Cosmic pathos
Yet grandiose were the accents of that cry,
A cosmic pathos trembled in its tone.

A cosmic pathos trembled in his cry that was full of grandiose accents.

Mind of God
“I am the mind of God’s great ignorant world
Ascending to knowledge by the steps he made;
I am the all-discovering Thought of man.

He declared his mind to be God’s mind in the great ignorant world. He ascends to knowledge by the steps made by him. He believes that human thought can discover everything.

I am a god fettered by Matter and sense,
An animal prisoned in a fence of thorns,
A beast of labour asking for his food,
A smith tied to his anvil and his forge.

He believes he is a god tied by Matter and sense. According to him man is an animal imprisoned in a fence full of thorns, a beast labouring for food, a smith tied to his anvil and forge.

Enlarged my room
Yet have I loosened the cord, enlarged my room.

Yet unlike the animals, he has loosened the cord and enlarged his space.

Mapped and measure
I have mapped the heavens and analysed the stars,
Described their orbits through the grooves of Space,
Measured the miles that separate the suns,
Computed their longevity in Time.

He has mapped the skies and analysed the stars describing their grooves through Space. He has measured the distance between the stars and computed their age.

Earth’s bowels
I have delved into earth’s bowels and torn out
The riches guarded by her dull brown soil.

He has dug into the earth and taken out the riches beneath the dust and sand.

Nature’s plan
I have classed the changes of her stony crust
And of her biography discovered the dates,
Rescued the pages of all Nature’s plan.

He has classified the changes on the crust of mountains and rocks and their origin, life and age. Thus has he discovered the hidden pages of Nature’s plan.

Tree of evolution
The tree of evolution I have sketched,
Each branch and twig and leaf in its own place,
In the embryo tracked the history of forms,
And the genealogy framed of all that lives.

He has sketched the tree of evolution and defined and described each of its branches and their ramifications. He has discovered the history of forms from the embryo and tracked its genealogy and history of development of all living things.

Birth and death
I have detected plasm and cell and gene,
The protozoa traced, man’s ancestors,
The humble originals from whom he rose;
I know how he was born and how he dies:
Only what end he serves I know not yet
Or if there is aim at all or any end
Or push of rich creative purposeful joy
In the wide works of the terrestrial power.

He has found the plasm and cell and gene and the earliest forms of protozoa that eventually evolved through a complex series of forms into man. He has known the humble origins of mankind and how he was born and how he dies. Though the how and the processes of things have been learnt but not the purpose and the why. Nor does man know if there is any aim or not or it is all simply a purposeless joy in vast works of material power.

Closing Remarks
The arrogant human mind believes that it knows everything but what it knows is only the outer processes and not the original cause or purpose.

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