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At the Feet of The Mother

The Attitude Towards Earning Money

Money is needed for maintaining the framework of outer life as well as for developing it in certain ways, especially in its outer aspects. It is essentially a tangible tool of exchange, a recognition of the law of interchange and interconnectedness of creation. But like every other instrument of forces, it should be used in a divine way, for the furtherance of the Divine Work, for creating beauty and perfection in outer life,  for building tools and equipment that would help in the onward progressive march of mankind. Unfortunately, it is most often used to satisfy greed and the desire self or else purely selfish ends.

As to investments, in general, the Mother did not seem to encourage it, especially through speculation.  It creates a false and artificial heap creating a hole somewhere else. Though one should not make absolute rules, generally money is not meant to make money through the stock exchange. It is instead meant to enter into circulation to create harmony and balance in the collective life of humanity and earth.

Earning money is needed but it should happen naturally as a result of the work one does. But the work itself should be a means of serving the Divine and not done to earn money, grow rich or motivated by greed, ambition and the desire self.

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