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At the Feet of The Mother

The Avatar and the Large Scale Movements of the Humanity

There is a cyclical movement of the humanity, and the energies of the past have helped us be where we are and, by their momentum as well as guided by the Divine Impulsion within creation, being led forwards towards a greater future, which is yet only indistinctly clear to a few.

The Avatar is the living embodiment of this future Divine Impulsion. He takes up within himself the efforts and energies of the past and given the new conditions of the present gives the direction and momentum needed for the future. Having done that, after leading humanity through a critical gorge in Time, he steps back watching and guiding and subtly influencing the march of time in the intended direction that humanity is destined to take.

It also implies that humanity has developed to a point where a few are ready or getting ready for the next future. True it is that there is much in the spirit of the past that is beautiful and yet helps in our engagement with the future. It is the forms that the past took, especially the religions that will change so that they can be consistent with the flow of Time.

In every religion there are a few who catch hold of the Spirit or are held by it and who swim or sail towards the future through it. But since the Spirit seeks to embody itself in new ways and possibilities of manifestation, it needs new forms, plastic and wide and supple to allow the new expression. It is here that the work becomes difficult. Yet this too shall be since the All-knowing Guest and Guide leads the world unseen by our surface vision yet felt with some inward intuitive heart.     

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.