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At the Feet of The Mother

The Awakening Impulsion of Life, p. 134

Opening Remarks
Now life begins to stir and awaken and emerge from the depths of matter. Matter is filled with the dreams and impulsions of life.

A blind necessity
Obeying the push of unborn things towards birth
Out of her seal of insentient life she broke:
In her substance of unthinking mute soul-strength
That cannot utter what its depths divine,
Awoke a blind necessity to know.

At first this emergence takes the form of a blind unconscious need within the being. Matter becomes conscious of a need, a want, an urge to know and live. Though this blind need is supported by a deeper consciousness from behind, the surfaces of life and living things are unaware of the greater plan. They feel the urge and the push but not the Truth hidden behind even these obscure movements of life.

Chrysalis of Truth
The chain that bound her she made her instrument;
Instinct was hers, the chrysalis of Truth,
And effort and growth and striving nescience.

Though limited and bound by the laws of Matter, the force of Life began to assert and expand and emerge. Slowly by its growing pressure matter started getting moulded for life to emerge. In fact matter became her instrument in the new dispensation of things. Dead matter became a living cell with new and unique possibilities denied to inanimate material existence. She was driven by instinct that is actually a reflex of intuition in the lower nature. This instinct for growth and effort held within itself the deeper intuition to find the Source and origin of life and creation itself.

Cry for change
Inflicting on the body desire and hope,
Imposing on inconscience consciousness,
She brought into Matter’s dull tenacity
Her anguished claim to her lost sovereign right,
Her tireless search, her vexed uneasy heart,
Her wandering unsure steps, her cry for change.

Dissatisfied with what it has achieved, life strives for more and ever more. Through desire and hope, through anguish and vexation it wanders and searches in ignorance for its lost felicity. That is the change that it is seeking but unsure of its ways it stumbles and fumbles through various alleys and avenues of creation.

Obscure cathedral of delight
Adorer of a joy without a name,
In her obscure cathedral of delight
To dim dwarf gods she offers secret rites.

A body built of earthly matter is the obscure cathedral where she is offering ritual sacrifice of its longings and desires to appease the gods of mater. Through this she hopes to awaken the joy she adores and the delight that is the Godhead she is seeking.

Closing Remarks
Life struggles within matter to emerge and in turn modifies the laws of matter to accommodate her powers. Her first steps towards this stupendous evolutionary journey are taken in ignorance. She awakens desire and hope to churn and prepare matter so that it may wake up from its long sleep of unconsciousness and torpor. But there is much more that will eventually emerge through the process of evolution.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.