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At the Feet of The Mother

The Beautiful and Divine in Christ and Mother Mary

There is something truly beautiful and uplifting and divine in the life and personality of Christ and Mother Mary. He was surely one of the great Divine manifestations not because of the miracles he did but because of the deep compassion he displayed, the way he endured suffering through an ignorant humanity and of course his teachings of brotherhood, love, charity and equality as the way to freedom from Ignorance. One can see in him the beautiful heart of Buddha combined with the devotion for God which was released by Sri Krishna upon earth. He came to prepare rather than to fulfil.

It is a different story as to what people have made out of his teachings and the religion that goes by his name. But that is the fate of all religions so far. Christ is wonderful and divine but the official Church and Christianity has hardly anything divine left in it. This is equally true of official Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and the cults grown around Sri Krishna. Islam of course got rid of whatever divinity it had even before it left the desert sands of Arabia. Judaism and Zoroastrianism are more of a cult now where the actual yoga is lost. So while it is good to admire divinity wherever we see it, we should be careful not to extend it to the institutions built around it. This discernment is often missing in the average human being who is busy doing miracle shopping and fears God rather than love Him.

Anyways the age of Religions is over and the Age of universal spirituality has begun dawning upon earth and mankind. With a grateful bow to the Past and all it did to prepare us let us move fearlessly towards the future and strive with faith for the greatest of miracles that yet awaits us, – the divinisation of clay and the transformation of earthly life into a life divine.

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