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At the Feet of The Mother

The Beauty of Form, pp. 104-105

Opening Remarks
It is a world where beauty of form predominates everything else. All other aspects of the Spirit are subordinated to Beauty in figure and form.

A finer consciousness
A finer consciousness with happier lines,
It has a tact our touch cannot attain,
A purity of sense we never feel;
Its intercession with the eternal Ray
Inspires our transient earth’s brief-lived attempts
At beauty and the perfect shape of things.

The senses in the subtle physical world are subtler and more refined. They can give us a much more accurate feel of the nature of consciousness that is hiding behind the form. Artists who are sensitive in this domain can bring these intimate touches in their art-work giving to things a clearer and more beautiful shape and form.

The eternal child
In rooms of the young divinity of power
And early play of the eternal Child
The embodiments of his outwinging thoughts
Laved in a bright everlasting wonder’s tints
And lulled by whispers of that lucid air
Take dream-hued rest like birds on timeless trees
Before they dive to float on earth-time’s sea.

It is here, in this domain, that the thoughts and feelings arising from our soul-depths emerge and hover for a while before they enter the gross mind whence we become conscious of them.

Lovelier semblance
All that here seems has lovelier semblance there.

This world lies closest to the gross physical and hence its forms bear a closer resemblance to our material world. However they are found there in a perfection of form and shape and colour and hue.

Earthly tinge
Whatever our hearts conceive, our heads create,
Some high original beauty forfeiting,
Thence exiled here consents to an earthly tinge.

Our thoughts and feelings stays there as a formation that can influence all who enter into its atmosphere. Even though coming from higher planes they assume an earthly touch here.

Faultless and immortal lines
Whatever is here of visible charm and grace
Finds there its faultless and immortal lines;
All that is beautiful here is there divine.

Forms of earth, even the most beautiful forms are a travesty of truth. There is invariably a distortion of the original make that is more beautiful with an aura of suffused divinity that we do not find here.

Beauty and wonder
Figures are there undreamed by mortal mind:
Bodies that have no earthly counterpart
Traverse the inner eye’s illumined trance
And ravish the heart with their celestial tread
Persuading heaven to inhabit that wonder sphere.

Each plane or domain of consciousness has its own unique power and possibility. The subtle physical is a world of beauty in forms. This beauty is celestial and often is unable to embody itself upon earth in the gross material sheath and forms built by this rigid matter. Yet when seen and experienced in its domain it fills the heart with wonder and delight.

A carnival of beauty
The future’s marvels wander in its gulfs;
Things old and new are fashioned in those depths:
A carnival of beauty crowds the heights
In that magic kingdom of ideal sight.

This is the last working station where the forms that have been shaped so far in the mental and vital worlds start getting a concrete shape and are chiselled to perfection. Ordinarily our earthly sight distorts these forms but there the sight is in perfect harmony with the form and only increases the joy that the touch of beauty brings.

Closing Remarks
It is indeed a world of forms, even thoughts and feelings can take a form there and express themselves in unique ways.

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