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At the Feet of The Mother

The Birth of Life, p. 135

Opening Remarks
Thus life is born or rather emerges out of matter as if out of some dark obscure cave. Far from her home she stretches out towards the light of the sun hoping to slowly bring out of her what is hidden within her heart.

The dim subconscious start and the slow ascension
In this slow ascension he must follow her pace
Even from her faint and dim subconscious start:
So only can earth’s last salvation come.

The force of life struggles to emerge out of a dark and fallen subconscious state and the soul tied to her must follow the pace. Thus alone can earth be saved or else the soul would abandon the work for which it has come, to divinise matter and bring out of its mud and clay shapes and form s divine.

Jail delivery
For so only could he know the obscure cause
Of all that holds us back and baffles God
In the jail-delivery of the imprisoned soul.

The soul accepts this start so that it can know the subconscient base from where all begins and into which all has a tendency to collapse. Knowingly the soul accepts this dark and fallen state, which is like a prison to know what holds back the divine emergence in us.

Grey obscurity
Along swift paths of fall through dangerous gates
He chanced into a grey obscurity
Teeming with instincts from the mindless gulfs
That pushed to wear a form and win a place.

Aswapati now enters the dark obscure space where life emerges out of the gulfs of matter. These are dangerous gates beyond which there is the region of dark powers teeming with mindless instincts that wear a form and name. Though our science sees the forms and calls them virus and bacteria but these forms in reality are vehicles and vessels of subconscious forces, forces of ill-will and disintegration, though seldom also forces of good-will. It is a life lived by sheer instinct, not even half-consciously so to say.

Death’s food
Life here was intimate with Death and Night
And ate Death’s food that she might breathe awhile;
She was their inmate and adopted waif.

Here life embodied the forces of disintegration and death. Paradoxically she served death and lived by swallowing all that is around it.

The dumb darkness
Accepting subconscience, in dumb darkness’ reign
A sojourner, she hoped not any more.

It is a state of darkness dumb and mute in whose shadow and obscure reign life must struggle to breath and live.

The separate birth
There far away from Truth and luminous thought
He saw the original seat, the separate birth
Of the dethroned, deformed and suffering Power.

Dethroned from her royal origin, deformed by the powers and forces of darkness and Inconscience she starts her formidable journey of ascension towards the heights of Glory from which she fell.

Closing Remarks
Thus begins the puny start and the slow ascension of life towards her divine home. In the process however she carries matter transforming it into shapes and forms closer and closer to the divine Idea.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.