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At the Feet of The Mother

On the Origin of the Divine

The question can be best framed as ‘what is the origin of the Origin?’ Because ultimately that is where the answer will lead us finally. Also, when we use the word born, we are limiting the possibility and the process. Even when human beings are born there is a whole process that seems almost magical as one cell multiplies and differentiates and specialises driven by unseen forces till a body is formed. But the physical body is a gross form. What about thought and feelings. How are they formed and born, we may ask and it will be no less a mystery. All that we can say is that thought emerges out of some state as a vibration that takes the form of sound and then word.

How does the first vibration or first stir of creation emerge? There must be ‘Something’ from which all emerges including Time and Space and Thoughts and Forms. In itself THAT (whatever IT is) would be beyond Time and Space, beyond Form, beyond Thought. So, we can say that IT is neither this nor this. But since IT must be in everything and everyone, we can equally say that IT is this as well as thas other thing. Thus, we have at least two statuses of the Source, – one is that which is beyond everything and hence cannot be known by any instrument including our thoughts and mind. It would then be simply an Unknowable and hence whatever we may say about how It was born or came into existence would be speculation.

On the other hand, since IT is in everything including us we can find it by a reverse concentration taking the support of a representative Idea or Name or Form and by going beyond these discover and become one with It. By thus identifying with the Divine or the Source we can know IT or Him or Her depending on the angle of our approach. But how That came into existence would still be a mystery since we have gone beyond Time and Space. All that we can say is that IT is, IT always was and always will be. In other words, it is an Eternal Infinite that is ever unchanging even though it is the basis of every change.

Thus far thought can go and no further. Beyond this we have to go within and through yoga discover and identify and know. All that we can say is that the whole universe is born out of THAT which itself is unborn or self-born, Ajanma, Swayambhu.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.