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At the Feet of The Mother

The Bridge between Two Worlds, pp. 331-332

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has discovered this other world, more real and true and beautiful and divine based on oneness and not division. This world is hidden here too right behind the old waiting for its hour to emerge. But what is needed is a bridge between the two.

Boundless Oneness
For even there the boundless Oneness dwells.

Behind all appearances is the Divine Reality, behind the surface life of division and ignorance there is the Supreme Unity waiting to emerge.

Hidden in Matter
To its own sight unrecognisable,
It lived still sunk in its own tenebrous seas,
Upholding the world’s inconscient unity
Hidden in Matter’s insentient multitude.

This world is hidden behind, within, below sunk in the inconscient unity where differentiation has not yet started. It is ignorance that prevents us from seeing and knowing this unity secret behind everything. Yet it is there hidden behind the play of multiplicity in matter.

The Indeterminate
This seed-self sown in the Indeterminate
Forfeits its glory of divinity,
Concealing the omnipotence of its Force,
Concealing the omniscience of its Soul;
An agent of its own transcendent Will,
It merges knowledge in the inconscient deep;
Accepting error, sorrow, death and pain,
It pays the ransom of the ignorant Night,
Redeeming by its substance Nature’s fall.

It is there as the seed-self sown in the inconscient bed even before the cause and effect in creation determining the sequence of time and space begins to emerge. This Divine Self has plunged into this darkness and unconsciousness and ignorance forfeiting its Glory, forgetting its omniscience and omnipotence. It is a representative of the Transcendent Will but operating here in the conditions of and identified with ignorance. Accepting error, sorrow, pain and defeat as the hard conditions of the Play it pays the ransom of the Night and thereby redeems matter by its alchemist touch.

By division find the One
Himself he knew and why his soul had gone
Into earth’s passionate obscurity
To share the labour of an errant Power
Which by division hopes to find the One.

Aswapati is now fully aware of the purpose of the soul that has gone far and deep into the obscurity of earth nature leaving behind the House of the Spirit from where it has emerged. It is to share this burden and labour of God whereby Nature hopes to find the One by division. The purpose therefore is to discover and recreate the One on the basis of multiplicity. This is what nature in its ignorance is also striving to create but the know how of this secret is with the soul which is a portion of the Divine. It is for this purpose that the soul completely identifies with nature and forfeits its divinity so that it can assist fully this cosmic labour.

Two beings he was
Two beings he was, one wide and free above,
One struggling, bound, intense, its portion here.

He experienced this state whereby he was two beings, one that was free and wide above while the other was struggling, bound, its portion here.

A tie between the two
A tie between them still could bridge two worlds;
There was a dim response, a distant breath;
All had not ceased in the unbounded hush.

It is the psychic being in man that holds the key to bridge the gap between these two worlds, the world of ignorance here and the world of Truth above. He felt his earthly being even in this unbounded hush. A tie between the two could become the bridge to manifest this greater world here. It is this bridge that Aswapati aspires and hopes to build.

Living, sacrificed and offered heart
His heart lay somewhere conscious and alone
Far down below him like a lamp in night;
Abandoned it lay, alone, imperishable,
Immobile with excess of passionate will,
His living, sacrificed and offered heart
Absorbed in adoration mystical,
Turned to its far-off fount of light and love.

Aswapati felt his heart lay upon earth, conscious and alone and offered in a state of sacrifice. It lay below like an imperishable lamp of light, immobile with an excess of passionate will to save the earth, absorbed in an intense adoration of the Divine Mother, turned towards its own higher Self, its far-off fount of light and love.

Closing remarks
This is the realisation the possibility that Aswapati realises now, the possibility of bridging the two worlds.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.