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At the Feet of The Mother

The Call to the Quest (SVH 35) Book 4 Canto 3

‘The Call to the Quest’: While Savitri is growing the human way safely guarding and nurturing the divinity within her, Aswapati, her human father, hears a voice in the subtle ether exhorting him to send her daughter to find the deeper purpose for which she has come. She must explore the world and find the one who will share her work. Aswapati is reminded of the work that his daughter has come down for. It is him who has asked for the boon as a result of which the Divine Mother consented to come down in the form and persona of Savitri. Now that her being has developed and the fragrance of her divinity and the radiance of her love is spreading all around, she must find her ideal partner and mate. It is with him that she is destined to fulfil her work. In seeking her partner and mate she is also seeking the human type that is best suited for Her work, the one She has come to save and change or transform into the higher type. She must find the humanity ready for being transmuted into the godlike humanity of the future. This is her mission since, as the voice reveals to Aswapati, ‘the gods are still too few in mortal forms’.

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