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At the Feet of The Mother

The Central Being and the Psychic

Would you please indicate the difference between the psychic being and what is called the central being? Is our psychic a part of this central being and does it receive the Divine’s help through it? In Yoga, how does our central being stand in relation to the other parts of our being?

The central being is above the Adhar — most people are not aware of their central being (Jivatman) — they are aware only of the ego.

The psychic is the soul, it is a portion of the Divine that supports the mind and body in the evolution. The psychic gets the Divine’s help directly from the Divine.

The central being is that on which all the others depend. If it makes its surrender, that is, renounces its separate fulfilment in order to be an instrument of the Divine, then it is easier for the mind, vital and physical to surrender.

Is it a fact that when circumstances are suitable the central being renounces its separate fulfilment and surrenders itself to the Divine?

It has nothing to do with suitable circumstances. If the will of the central being turns towards union with the Divine, then it renounces its separate fulfilment.

Is it true that the Supreme instead of working directly on man acts through the Jivatman?

For the most part the Supreme acts through the Jiva and its nature and the Jiva and the nature act through the ego and the ego acts through the outer instruments — that is the play of the Ignorance.

Is it true that the psychic can come in front and reign over the mind, vital and physical only when the central being has surrendered itself to the Divine?

If there is the will to surrender in the central being, then the psychic can come forward.

It is said that the soul and the Atman are not one and the same; there is a difference. How do you distinguish them?

The Atman is one in all, is not born, does not evolve or change.

The soul is something that comes from the Divine into the evolution and as the psychic being it evolves and assumes different personalities from life to life.

You said, “The Atman is one in all, is not born, does not evolve or change.” In that case, is there any difference between the Atman and the Divine?

The Divine is more than the Atman. It is Nature also. It contains everything in Itself.

Does the soul coming from the Divine enter into this universe from the very beginning or after the evolution of animal life?

The soul is there from the beginning as a spark of the Divine. It grows and takes form as the psychic being in the course of the evolution.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.