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At the Feet of The Mother

The Chariot of Jagannath Part 2 (TH 145)

Everything has an inner truth and an external form.

The society of the lower existence is based upon division (Diti ki santan). It has struggle, competition and quarrel not only within itself but with other societies as well. To bring about order into this chaos rules and laws are made but they are temporary, incomplete and achieved with difficulty. 

The structure of the ideal society is entirely the opposite. Its foundation is Unity within (Ekattva) based on the Self, and not any external form. There is outer play of differentiation, each one acting in his own volition and freedom, according to his swabhav and swadharma. Gnostic community can be formed only if individuals grow into Gnostic consciousness. Nolini da says that we should have union in the Mother. We should unite the confluence of knowledge, devotion and works within us. Spiritual commune will be created by the delight and the unifying power of self knowledge and divine knowledge. The purpose of Auroville is to realize this human unity.

The speaker also discusses meditation in detail. We should offer our meditation to the Divine. Meditation is a link that can connect us to God.

Finally, the speaker discusses the three fundamental realizations of the triple transformation – Psychic transformation, Spiritual transformation, and Supramental transformation.

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