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At the Feet of The Mother

The Conscious Evolution

The question still remains if we can do something about this or else it will all happen automatically as with other species? Well, each species must follow its own law of evolution. While evolution in animals is largely an unconscious process driven by instincts, the law of man is to choose and grow conscious. For him is given the greatest of all burdens, the urge to improve and progress without knowing well the means and the process. He is given this urge, he is born with this thirst to know and seek the meaning of life, to probe and explore the beyond. He is therefore the most dissatisfied of all creatures, yet, and for this very reason he is the greatest of all. In the fragile heart of man so prone to hurt and pain there is the might of a Love that knows not defeat, a love that can bear the pain of a million creatures and return them hope and strength and joy and peace, a love that can uplift and transform. Within the grey groves of his mind driven by uncertainty and fear, there flash sometimes lightnings of an intuitive ray and burns the splendor of the occult flame that reveals the truths hidden to reason. In his ignorant, unsure, precarious life there runs as an undercurrent a luminous force that can overtake in moments of intense crisis and transmute the dangerous game into a game of delight. Hidden to his surface view and the bitter wine of love-hate there is the deep well of sweetness and joy and the nectarous wine of immortality.

Yoga is a means to thus exchange and upgrade our old version of life, that which we presently are, into a new and diviner version. Yoga teaches us how to live beautifully, luminously, peacefully, joyously, above all harmoniously. It also teaches us the science behind life, the subtle laws that govern our existence, the occult forces that move our thoughts and speech and feelings. These forces push us from behind, implanting suggestions in the mind or stinging the heart with jealousy and hate, igniting in our fuel reserves of our life the crude and polluting fire of anger and lust. They enter stealthily in our house of life through the back doors of subconscient nature. Identifying with them we think ware these impulses and impulsions. We erroneously believe that this is our identity, to think and feel and act like these hidden prompters is our nature. But our true nature is divine in essence and is covered up by these surface movements of restless agitation and feverish pursuit of desires. Yoga gives us back our true identity and true nature.


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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.