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At the Feet of The Mother

The Core of Creation, pp. 294-295

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has reached the very core of creation, the space or domain from where the ideas and forces leap into creation and where our soul returns for a rejuvenating sleep.

Eternal moment
In a slumber of the voices of the world
He of the eternal moment grew aware;
His knowledge stripped bare of the garbs of sense
Knew by identity without thought or word;
His being saw itself without its veils,
Life’s line fell from the spirit’s infinity.

Here Aswapati grew aware of the eternal moment whence the play began. The voices of the world were asleep. His knowledge freed from the limitations of the senses that weave the forms knew things by sheer identity without thought or word. The veils of mind and life that cover the soul, the true self in us were torn and he could see the line that parted the finite from the spirit’s infinity.

The source of all things
Along a road of pure interior light,
Alone between tremendous Presences,
Under the watching eyes of nameless Gods,
His soul passed on, a single conscious power,
Towards the end which ever begins again,
Approaching through a stillness dumb and calm
To the source of all things human and divine.

Traveling along a road of pure inner light and moving amidst tremendous nameless Gods watching the journeying soul, Aswapati passed onwards towards the end point that begins again through new forms and new births. Approaching through a stillness dumb and calm, he reached the very source of creation whence all things human and divine emerge into the cosmic play.

The deathless Two-in-One
There he beheld in their mighty union’s poise
The figure of the deathless Two-in-One,
A single being in two bodies clasped,
A diarchy of two united souls,
Seated absorbed in deep creative joy;
Their trance of bliss sustained the mobile world.

There he beheld the Soul of creation and Nature as one in a mighty poise. He saw the figure of Iswara and Shakti as one in a deathless union. They were One though in two forms that were united and merged into each other in a mutual clasp. Sitting absorbed in a deep creative joy their trance of bliss sustained the ever-moving, ever-changing world.

Closing Remarks
This is the core and source from where all came into being. The Self and Nature, Iswara and Shakti, the stable basis and the mobile forces are ever united in the core though they appear as two and separated from each other, here, in our world.

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