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At the Feet of The Mother

The Cosmic Being, pp. 416-417

Opening Remarks
Narad is the companion of Lord Vishnu who preserves the balance of the creation. Narad beholds him and sings of his glory.

Labour of the Gods
He beheld the cosmic Being at his task,
His eyes measured the spaces, gauged the depths,
His inner gaze the movements of the soul,
He saw the eternal labour of the Gods,
And looked upon the life of beasts and men.

Gods are aspects of the One Divine who assist in the workings of creation It is they who, in their cosmic consciousness manage the life of beasts and men. Narad beholds all this, the cosmic Being at his task. He is himself in a state of oneness with the Universal Consciousness and thereby beholds Space and the depths behind depths. He witnesses the inner movements of the soul that are hidden to mortal eyes.

The singer’s mood
A change now fell upon the singer’s mood,
A rapture and a pathos moved his voice;
He sang no more of Light that never wanes,
And oneness and pure everlasting bliss,
He sang no more the deathless heart of Love,
His chant was a hymn of Ignorance and Fate.

Narad, the celestial singer’s mood now changed as he neared the earth. He felt at once strains of rapture mingling with pathos. No more could he sing of the unfading Light and oneness and pure bliss. No more could he sing of the deathless Love. He sang now of Ignorance and Fate climbing as a hymn to the Divine.

The Incarnations of Vishnu
He sang the name of Vishnu and the birth
And joy and passion of the mystic world,
And how the stars were made and life began
And the mute regions stirred with the throb of a Soul.

He sang of the incarnations of Vishnu and his many names. He sang of the joy and passion that the mystics experience. He sang of the origin of stars and the birth of life and as he sang mute regions of Space were stirred with a living and conscious Soul.

The Inconscient and its secret self
He sang the Inconscient and its secret self,
Its power omnipotent knowing not what it does,
All-shaping without will or thought or sense,
Its blind unerring occult mystery,
And darkness yearning towards the eternal Light,
And Love that broods within the dim abyss
And waits the answer of the human heart,
And death that climbs to immortality.

He sang of the Divine hidden in the Inconscient who has built the world in His sleep. He saw the blind yet unerring occult mysteries of creation shaping things without will or thought or sense. He felt the darkness yearning towards the eternal Light and Love brooding in the darkest abyss waiting for an answer from the human heart. He saw darkness and death climbing slowly towards light and immortality.

The Truth aspiring in the Night
He sang of the Truth that cries from Night’s blind deeps,
And the Mother-Wisdom hid in Nature’s breast
And the Idea that through her dumbness works
And the miracle of her transforming hands,
Of life that slumbers in the stone and sun
And Mind subliminal in mindless life,
And the Consciousness that wakes in beasts and men.

Narad sang of the Truth that cries and struggles to emerge out of the Night. He sang of the Wisdom working in the heart of Nature and the Idea that works out through her dumbness and yet performs miraculous feats of form and creation. He saw the life that sleeps in stone and sun and the Mind hidden beneath the surfaces of life. He sang of the Consciousness waking in beasts and men which we call outwardly as evolution.

Marvel yet to be born
He sang of the glory and marvel still to be born,
Of Godhead throwing off at last its veil,
Of bodies made divine and life made bliss,
Immortal sweetness clasping immortal might,
Heart sensing heart, thought looking straight at thought,
And the delight when every barrier falls,
And the transfiguration and the ecstasy.

His prophetic mind foresaw the further course of evolution and the coming of diviner beings out of man who shall manifest God openly leading a divine life in a divine body. He felt immortal sweetness clasping immortal might, of intuitive knowledge shedding its rays upon earth. He sang of the delight of freedom and vastness and the transfiguration and the ecstasy.

Closing Remarks
Narad sings of the ways of the Lord through the faculty of triple time vision.


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