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At the Feet of The Mother

The Cosmic Consciousness, pp. 95-96

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has arrived at the fullness of the Overmind where he experiences the cosmic consciousness, boundless and vast and immense. It is a total view of creation. Though he is yet to enter the Supermind, he is already receiving the touch and influence from the Supramental realms that has opened him to the Infinite and the eternal.

Infinity around and the Unknowable above
Alone he moved watched by the infinity
Around him and the Unknowable above.

Here we see the Seer-Yogi Aswapati reaching the Apex of manifestation He now takes his station there, in the highest reaches of the Overmind so to say. This realm opens to the Infinity all around and the Unknowable concealed in the Higher Hemisphere. It is from here that he takes a look at the entire range of manifestation so far.

A global vision
All could be seen that shuns the mortal eye,
All could be known the mind has never grasped;
All could be done no mortal will can dare.

It is a global vision, a vision of the whole seen from that vantage point. It is the diving board of the Infinite, the station form where the realms of Omniscience and Omnipotence begin.

Static and dynamic sides of Truth
A limitless movement filled a limitless peace.

There are two sides of Truth, Static and Dynamic, Purusha and Prakriti, Iswara and Shakti, also known as Knowledge and Power. In Ignorance they are experienced as different and distinct but here knowledge and Power, the stable basis and the constant motion are seen as One single Truth. That is why Aswapati experiences the entire ladder of Consciousness at once as a limitless Peace and a limitless movement, a single continuous Reality so to say.

The universe of the Unknown
In a profound existence beyond earth’s
Parent or kin to our ideas and dreams
Where Space is a vast experiment of the soul,
In an immaterial substance linked to ours
In a deep oneness of all things that are,
The universe of the Unknown arose.
It is the occult birthplace of the Ideas that shape the world as well as of dreams that become moulds for the future. It is also the birthplace of Time and Space as a field for the soul to experiment and grow. It is here that one discovers the original substance that emerges from the Spirit for Its own manifestation. All this Aswapati beholds in a state of secret oneness.

Grandeurs of the Infinite
A self-creation without end or pause
Revealed the grandeurs of the Infinite:
It flung into the hazards of its play
A million moods, a myriad energies,
The world-shapes that are fancies of its Truth
And the formulas of the freedom of its Force.
The world is an objectivisation of the Divine. Indeed it is the Divine who has become these countless systems of worlds that are held within Him. Therefore creation too is without beginning or end like the Divine. Creation is simply an expression of all the countless possibilities hidden within the heart of the One.

Ever-stable’s flux
It poured into the Ever-stable’s flux
A bacchic rapture and revel of Ideas,
A passion and motion of everlastingness.
The Divine Consciousness is the stable basis on which creation is built and out of which it emerges. It is a dance of delight woven by the rhythmic play of forces and ideas in boundless Space and endless Time.

The Unchanging’s surge
There rose unborn into the Unchanging’s surge
Thoughts that abide in their deathless consequence,
Words that immortal last though fallen mute,
Acts that brought out from Silence its dumb sense,
Lines that convey the inexpressible.

It is the Divine Thought, the Real Idea, the Divine Force that are seeking to express itself in and through creation. Yet the entire creation can only capture a fragment of the One who remains ever inexpressible, infinite, beyond thought and conception, eternal, alone.

Her will to be
The Eternal’s stillness saw in unmoved joy
His universal Power at work display
In plots of pain and dramas of delight
The wonder and beauty of her will to be.

The Delight of oneness is the cause of creation. With creation there emerges the secret will-to-be that is the will to multiply this delight into a manifold oneness. But with this is also born, the limitation of a finite being and finite form, the drama of losing the oneness and finding it again, of pain and pleasure and wonder and beauty of the will to become what is already there potentially.

The thousandfold expressions of the One
All, even pain, was the soul’s pleasure here;
Here all experience was a single plan,
The thousandfold expression of the One.
Here, in the highest planes of the Overmind one experiences the Cosmic consciousness in which this entire world-play is seen in totality and experienced as delight.

Closing Remarks
We are given here a glimpse of the Cosmic Consciousness. What will follow next is the practical result of this state experienced by Aswapati.

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