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At the Feet of The Mother

The Culmination of Ashwapati’s Yoga in Savitri (TH 090)

After many revelations and great experiences, Aswapati, the seer-yogi, the divine representative in man, reaches the summit doors of the Supreme Here all the possibilities, the knowledge that none has known and the power and bliss that none can taste begin to pour in him.  He receives all the divine riches. Any ordinary yogi would be more than satisfied with these spiritual gains. But Aswapati has sought for man and not for himself alone. He knows man is not ready and has to be made ready. For this he seeks the Divine Mother’s coming. He implores to the Divine Mother that though humanity is not worthy and too weak to receive the higher consciousness, She alone can make it possible by her Advent and Her Grace. Otherwise there is no hope for humanity and its suffering. Finally She consents and with this boon secured for earth Aswapati steps into the background.

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