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At the Feet of The Mother

The Dark Drama of Life, p. 163

Opening Remarks
Life should be beautiful, it could be beautiful but for these adverse and hostile entities that pervert the original plan of life. They are averse to Peace and Harmony and Light. They are averse to Beauty and Truth..

Rebel against the Light
Against all higher truth their stuff rebels;
Only to Titan force their will lies prone.

These beings and forces obey the Titans and rebel against truth and Light and God’s Will in creation.

Hold on human hearts
Inordinate their hold on human hearts,
In all our nature’s turns they intervene.

These forces have a great hold upon human hearts and try to capture it for their dark designs. Not only the heart but nerves and senses and every gap and nook and corner of the body they try to enter and distort and disturb our life.

Insignificant architects
Insignificant architects of low-built lives
And engineers of interest and desire,
Out of crude earthiness and muddy thrills
And coarse reactions of material nerve
They build our huddled structures of self-will
And the ill-lighted mansions of our thought,
Or with the ego’s factories and marts
Surround the beautiful temple of the soul.

These little entities of the lower vital worlds push us from behind and we are smitten with lust and greed and desires. Our nerves twitch in response and our will submits to the dark influence. Our beautiful soul is then shut and trapped in the rigid prison house of the ego or its growth is stifled with artificialities and trivial things that are temporary and give only transient pleasures.

Artists minute
Artists minute of the hues of littleness,
They set the mosaic of our comedy
Or plan the trivial tragedy of our days,
Arrange the deed, combine the circumstance
And the fantasia of the moods costume.

It is these little entities that have fun at our expense, who take us for a ride through the highs and lows of pleasure and pain shaping events and circumstances to suit the scene they wish to arrange in our life.

Unwise prompters
These unwise prompters of man’s ignorant heart
And tutors of his stumbling speech and will,
Movers of petty wraths and lusts and hates
And changeful thoughts and shallow emotion’s starts,
These slight illusion-makers with their masks,
Painters of the decor of a dull-hued stage
And nimble scene-shifters of the human play,
Ever are busy with this ill-lit scene.

They push our hearts and speech and make our will a captive of their force. At their promptings we enter into anger and wrath and lust and hate and all the violent emotions that push us towards cruel deeds. Their fool and trick our minds with an Asuric illusion that compels us to do dark and violent deeds that injure and harm ourselves and others. They work through the unconscious parts in us where the Light of Wisdom has not yet reached or is covered and concealed.

We play out the role
Ourselves incapable to build our fate
Only as actors speak and strut our parts
Until the piece is done and we pass off
Into a brighter Time and subtler Space.

Thus we become unwitting actors in a dark and dangerous game and ‘seemingly become’ authors of an adverse fate by simply opening ourselves to the influence of these beings and forces. Once possessed by these entities it is rather difficult to come out since we feel a compulsion and do what they push us to do until we are done with this life and pass on to another.

Closing Remarks
Thus are we caught up in a devious game of life when we are moving through the mazes of ignorance. It is indeed a nightmare from which there seems to be no escape until we wake up.

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